Historiae Archive

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Historiae XVI (2018):

  • The Military Colony: Inside the Good Regiment by Molly Taylor
  • A Home on the English River by Anna Kiraly
  • The Writings of Margaret Donovan: An Irish Immigrant in 1847 Montreal by Ryan Friend
  • Shanties, Shamrocks, and Shipping Lanes: How the Irish Shaped Montreal’s Economic History and Vice Versa by Jamie Burdon
  • Reading Publics and their Reading Spaces: How Women and Immigrants Shaped their Public Libraries by Darcie-Jean Altuve
  • Montreal’s Pure Milk Movement by Tyler Russ-Hogg
  • Nelligan et la quête identitaire québécois by Alice Charbonneau 
  • Silence and Memory: Girlhood in the Spanish Civil War and its Aftermath by Ona Bantjes-Ràfols
  • The Heart of Auschwitz: Resistance During the Holocaust and Education in its Aftermath by Sarah Piementa 
  • Shedding a Little Light on the Great Darkness Deconstructing the Demonization of Maurice Duplessis by Robert Dillon
  • Nourriture, révolution et le Black Panther Party by Eloi Salvail-Lacoste
  • The Evolution of the History of Childhood Through Ariès, Cunningham, and Orme: Historiography Essay by Chloe Houde 
  • To Turk or Not to Turk: Coffee Culture as a Global Public Voice by Alessandro Silvestri
  • Nippon Fashion: How Fashion Reinforced Twentieth Century Japanese Nationalism by Daly Sonesaksith
  • It’s Not Black and White: Deconstructing the Black Lives Matter Movement by Catherine Davidson
  • Editor-in-Chiefs: Alexina McLeod and Anna Hulchanski
  • Editors: Taylor Crooks, Ana Fasold Berges, Rebecca Friend, Arca Gunay, Tanya Legault-Lafond, Laura Lasby, Danielle Mahon, Renay Minichiello, Kelly Routley, Julie Santini, Simone Steadman-Gantous, and Kayla Williams
  • Cover Art by Laura Lalonde

Historiae XV (2017):

  • Editor-in-Chief: Althea Thompson
  • Editors: Alessia Piscopo, Alexina McLeod, Anna Hulchanski, Cassandra Marsillo, Clara Cariou, Leslie Ann Szabo, and Mathieux Paré
  • Copy Editors: Rachel Quirion, Shaden Ghazal, and Vanessa Daunais
  • Cover by William Willis

Historiae XIV (2016):

  • Editor-in-Chief: Mélissa-Anne Ménard
  • Editors: Melissa Castron, Mab Coates-Davies, Meghan Drennan, Vanessa Hulewicz andCynthia Panneton 

Historiae XIII (2015):

  • Editor-in-Chief: Meghan Drennan
  • Editors: Melissa Castron, Mab Coates-Davies, Mélissa-Anne Menard, Sebastien Sicard and Paul Vaudry

Historiae XII (2014):

  • Family, Factory, Faith: The Meanings and Mechanisms of French-Canadian Migration to New England by Kathryn Palumbo
  • The Forgotten Service: American Submarines in the Pacific and the Postwar Narrative by Levon Petrossian
  • Japanese Canadian Women and Children Internees: Their Experiences and the Aftermath of Internment by Diandra D’Alessio
  • Racial Politics in Interwar Haiti: Jacques Roumain’s Colourless Nationalism by Tryggvi Brynjarsson
  • Aristotelian Propaganda: Nicole Oresme’s Livre des politiques and the Valois Dynasty by Simon Beaulieu
  • Excitement and Unease: The Japanese Self Defense Forces in Anime by Alexei Pardiak
  • The Burden and Bliss of Survival: Restoring Anna Akhmatova’s Portrait as Poet, Prophet and Muse by Thomas M. Szwedska
  • The Role of Religion in the Politics of the Northern Rebellion of 1569 by Eva Kratochvil
  • Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Di Palma
  • Editors: Jessica Carboni, Meghan Drennan, Krystal Mary ElHajj, Rana Fahmy, Mélissa-Anne Ménard and Danick Carpenter

Historiae XI (2013):

  • The Road to Self Examination: Lu Xun’s Call for the Transvaluation of Chinese Culture in The True Story of Ah Q by Thomas Szwedska
  • Reconciling the Memory of Revolutionary Origins: Conflict and Commemoration of 1916 in Kilmainham Gaol by Keleigh Goodfellow
  • Shapeshifters by Mary Caple
  • Progress and Repression: The Decline of the Social Status of Homosexuals in Japanese Popular Culture Represented in Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask by Eric Morrison
  • Blogs and History: Empty Jars or Something More? by Andrew Martinez
  • Le Paradoxe de la liberté: La construction de l’État Haïtien, 1801-1843 by Virginia Belony
  • Fuck You, I Won’t Remember What You Tell Me!: Protest Songs, Rage Against the Machine and Contested Memory by Romney Copeman
  • The Irish in Talamh An Éisc, Isolation and Re-Appropriation:  An Overview of Irish Newfoundland Ethno-Cultural Identity by Camille Harrigan
  • Death and Public Mourning in Nineteenth-Century Montreal by Caroline Vezina Tulli
  • Masters of Doubt and Belief: Post-War Soviet Youth Culture and Ideology, 1945-1956 by Michael Williams
  • Editor-in-Chief: Pamela Churchill
  • Editors: Jessica Gold, Nicholas Tosaj, Francis Boyer, Olivier Button and Simon Pierre-Lacasse

Historiae X (2012):

  • Chinese Colonialism in the Multi-ethnic Frontier Province of Yunnan by Olivier Button
  • Forging an Identity: The Irish Catholic Community of Pre-Confederate Montreal by Erika Couto
  • Dismantling the Monoliths: Galenism, the Royal College, and the Transformation of Early Modern Medicine in England by Garrett Horrocks
  • New Woman, New World: The Life and Times of a Fille du Roi in Ville-Marie by Diandra D’Alessio
  • “Redhead Barbarians” as an Ethnographic Subject in Chinese Perspectives: The Sinocentric Shifts in the Racial Discourses after the First Opium War, 1842-1850 by Roderick Spence
  • Images of Native Women as Tools of Colonialism by Camille Harrigan
  • Toshville: un ghetto dans le Québec souverain? by Simon-Pierre Lacasse
  • Editor-in-Chief: Patrick McBride
  • Editors: Galen Miller, Ilia Sorokin, Amy Spooner, Dillon Collett, Aaron Green and Katrina Tarondo

Historiae IX (2011):

  • L‘Voyageur, C‘est Ҫa, Mon Titre! The Men of the Middle Ground by Romney Copeman
  • Senatus Populusque Romanus: A Political Fallacy by Maria Angela C. G. Olaguera
  • The Influence of African American Popular Culture on Sophiatown, South Africa by Charleen Kotiuga
  • Jewish Partisans: Resistance, Adversity, and Betrayal by Jessica Warren
  • You Say You Want a Revolution? The Emergence of Guerrilla Warfare in Twentieth-Century Argentina by Sergio Saveliovsky
  • The Ostracism of Claudius as a Young Boy: A Psychological Explanation for the Emperor‘s Peculiar Behaviour by Lisa Moore
  • The Paradox of Pluralism: The Civil Examination System and Social Stagnation in Late Imperial China by Garrett Horrocks
  • Tracing the History of the Margarine Debate in Quebec by Kelly McCormick
  • Planning the Moral Metropolis: Urban Planning and Urban Reform in Montreal, 1935-1960 by Abbey Mahon
  • From Miners‘ Meetings to Mining Boards: The Incorporation of Informal Legal Norms into the Formal Law of Empire by Thomas Mill
  • Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Kalmar
  • Editors: Matthew Grose, Galen Miller, Darren Moran, Amanda O‘Connor and Marc-Antoni Tarondo

Historiae VIII (2010):

  • Of Tyranny and Taverns: Tavern Life and the Coming of the American Revolution by Graham Barr
  • La Rébellion de 1837-1838 à travers les œillères de Pierre Falardeau by Simon-Pierre Lacasse
  • Vietnam War: Operation Rolling Thunder by Austin DiMinni
  • Japanese Nationalism: Shifting with the Political Tides by Simon Emond
  • Jeanne d’Arc: A Question of Morale by Emilie Roberts
  • Rædwald and Sutton Hoo: A Historiographical Examination of the Christianization of the Anglo-Saxons by Christopher M. Perrin
  • Research Essay on the Relations between Settlers, Indians, and the Government in the Ohio Valley after the Revolution by Ryan Madden
  • From Russia, with Amnesia: The Issues of Memory and Commemoration of Soviet Atrocities in Post-Communist Russia by Jenny Babalis
  • The Cambridge Spies and the Fifth Man in the British Imagination by Tyson Lowrie
  • Music, Migration and Prohibition: Cocaine Abuse in Prewar Blues and Rural Folk Music in the 1920s and 1930s by David Gilbert
  • Editor-in-Chief: Emily Kozinski
  • Editors: Katrina Cohen-Palacios, Marc-Antoni Tarondo and Elliot Kmec

Historiae VI (2008):

  • Foreword
  • Graphic Novels and the memory of Trauma and Violence by Amie Wright
  • Ethics and Abolition in Antebellum America: From Independence to the Missouri Crisis: The Path of Least Resistance En Route to Civil War by Alexandre Léonard
  • Dangerous Language: The ‘War’ on the Drug ‘Epidemic’ by Jamie Robinson
  • Pre-Columbian Nahua Identity in Latin America as Revealed by Sahagùn and the Study of Tenochtitlan by Sarah Thompson
  • Cultivating Loyal Subjects: Race-Thinking in Imperial Japan by Toulouse-Antonin Roy
  • The Unlearning of Hispaniola: Dominant Cultural and Racial Ideologies in Dominican Elementary Education by Leo Perez
  • Dispensers of Fame: John Constable and the Politics of the Nineteenth Century British Art World by Etienne Stockland
  • Transcending the Perpetrator/Victim Divide by Daniel Quinn
  • Editor-in-Chief: Bryan Gordon
  • Editors: Dana Granofsky, Morgan Bell, Robin Fagen, Yesica Macias, Derek Caners, Jocelyn Guillemette  


Historiae V (2007):

  • Foreword
  • Hollywood and the Islamic Terrorist: An Intersection of Popular Culture and Foreign Policy by Mark Beauchamp
  • Anger, Revolution and Lipstick: The Rise of the Riot Grrrl Movement by Breanne Curtis
  • Imperialism and Democracy In Post-War Japan by Aaron Elliot
  • Emmeline Pankhurst: A Historiographic Analysis by Matthew Hamerman
  • Conventional Wisdom and the Fall of France in 1940 by Glen Hutton
  • Assimilating Algeria in the Context of Nineteenth Century North Africa by Mohamad Kebbewar
  • “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”: The Beatles and Sexuality by Zachary Schneider-Lisak
  • The Products of Over-Confidence by Eugene Miakinkov
  • Anti-Semitism in the Enlightenment by Leslie E. Murphy
  • Alessandro Portelli, Subjectivity and Truth in Oral History by Marie A. Pelletier
  • An Utterly Unimaginable Effect: The Influence of Politics on Scientific Development during the Third Reich by Allison Smith
  • “Three months of perpetual darkness and an alien environment:” Inuit Migration, Tradition, Survival, and Agency by Amanda Tomé
  • Editor-in-Chief: Dawn Green
  • Editors: Tania Costa, Stan Urbanek

Historiae IV (2006):

  • Forward
  • Matabeleland by Dan Warren
  • Diplomatic Pendulum: The Croat-American Marriage of Convenience by Bruce Carlini
  • The Vietminh’s Attempt and Failure to Achieve International Recognition as a Democratic Government by the United States and the World Community by Illia Starr  
  • CIA in Chile by James Caltagirone
  • La Loi du Cadenas, 1937-1939 by Lucie Bettez
  • ‘Peggy learns how to serve an easy family dinner at Christmas’: Women’s Strategies for Maintaining the Christmas Dinner During the Great Depression by Nancy Rebelo
  • Branding Landmines: Humanitarian NGOs and the Landmine Ban Treaty by Paul Hébert
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Tara Marie Egan
  • To Fight or Not To Fight – Canada’s Decision in 1914 by Stan Urbanek
  • Editor-in-Chief: Eugene Miakinkov
  • Editors: Rachel Levee, Zack Lisak, Tania Costa

Historiae II (2004):

  • Foreword
  • The Denmark Vesey Slave Conspiracy: Controversy and Considerations by Stephen Russo
  • Fortune As A Woman by Gabrielle Strasfeld
  • Fairy Tale Fodder: Representations of the Middle Ages in ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ by Julia Dawson
  • Cardinal Richelieu As A Man of Principle in Richelieu by R.J. Knecht by Stan Urbanek
  • The Effects of Technology on Music Production by Michael Hargadon
  • La Guerre d’Algérie dans la mémoire des Français by Anne Merminod
  • Margaret Fell Fox and Her Contribution to Quaker Institutions and Beliefs by Melva Saylor
  • The Postmodern Condition and the Postmodern Work: A Close Examination of Errol Morris’ The Thin Blue Line by Jocelyn Parr
  • The Chi’ing Extermination of the Zunghar Nation by Richard Pilkington
  • ‘But What’s Puzzling You Is The Name of my Game’: Objectivity in Don’t Look Back and Gimme Shelter by Michael Schwartz
  • Editor-in-Chiefs: Ingrid Ravary-Konopka and Geneviève Vallerand
  • Editors: Gregory Bouchard, Gregg Davenport, William de L’Etoile, James Dodson